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Built on the belief that make up should celebrate individuality and be used as a form of self-expression, NYX Professional Makeup offers cosmetics that fuse potent pigments with professional formulas. From NYX’s Butter Gloss to the iconic Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer, the brand prides itself on empowering and becoming your new make up ally!


More than just a beauty brand, but a community, NYX Professional Makeup is formed of a group of artists and professionals who believe the bigger, brighter and bolder your make up, the better. Celebrating the vibrancy of its hometown LA, NYX rewrites the rules and ensures to leave a long lasting impression.


Born in the land of make up and make overs – yes, we're talking about LA, of course – NYX Professional Makeup pays homage to its motherland through its bright and bold pigments. Inspired with the vibrancy of the colourful city, the brand believes that self-expression should be celebrated, and diversity is key.


From complexion champions to eye enhancing liners, NYX Professional Makeup's bestselling products are a make up must have. A firm favourite, NYX’s Butter Gloss acts as the perfect finishing touch to any beauty look. Available in an impressive 34 sweet shades, the candy-like formula subtly plumps your pout without any sticky or gloopy residue.

Or, renowned worldwide, NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencil acts as an eyeliner and shadow in one. Seamlessly sweeping across your lids, you can use it as a powerful pigment to make your lids pop or blend it beautifully to boost a covetable smoky eye.


As part of its pledge to make more conscious choices, NYX's vegan formulas are just as effective (if not more) and are formulated without any animal-derived ingredients or byproducts. What’s more, NYX Professional Makeup ensures living beings are always at its core by created products that are not tested on animals.